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Did you know that your computer needs service?
Did you know that your computer`s fan is blowing dust into your computer?
Dust buildup can cause chips to run hotter (and burn out faster).
Have you ever cleaned your floppy or CD-ROM drive?
Have you ever installed software and your computer started running slower?
When was the last time you defragmented your hard drive or used CHKDSK/SCANDISK ?
Are .TMP (Temporary) Files growing on your hard drive ?
Is your hard drive running slow because of uninstalled or out of date drivers ?
Dose your mouse skip & stick from dirt on the rollers ?
Have you ever checked your CMOS battery ?

Batteries keep the BIOS chip configured even when the computer is off or unplugged. When the battery is dead, the system CMOS configurations lost. Most batteries last up to five years, but should be replaced before then. Hard disks are also susceptible to viruses. If the monitor has a non-glare coating, a special cleaner can be bought to take care of it.

Software is especially susceptible to damage. Floppy disks as well as other magnetic media, do not tolerate extremes of environment. Dust and smoke can damage them, as can magnetic fields, excessive heat, cold, moisture, and fingerprints. Store magnetically recorded software at room-temperature away from dampness and magnetic fields. Attaching a floppy diskette to the refrigerator with a magnet, for example, is an easy way to ruin a diskette. CRT displays also give off electromagnetic radiation, so it is advisable not to store diskettes within a few inches of one. Non-magnetically recorded software (such as on optical discs) are less susceptible to this sort of damage, but can suffer from dust and scratches. Keep optical discs stored in a disc caddy or folder where dust cannot accumulate on them and they are not likely to be scratched.

Printers require a fair amount of routine maintenance to keep them in proper working order. Printers which use ribbons and toner cartridges must have these replaced as they begin to wear out (become depleted). Toner and ink can collect on the rollers and printer head so it is a good idea to use a cotton swab and mild cleanser to clean these periodically. Printer heads, especially daisy wheel spokes and dot-matrix pins, can break and must be repaired. Of course, paper also must be replenished in the printer's paper tray.

Cleaning, checking, and backing up software. Every computer needs it regularly.


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